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Lawn Mowing Kansas City

At Kansas City Lawn Care we make sure that your property is expertly maintained. Our basic mowing service is comprised of mowing the lawn, trimming, and blowing grass clippings from any necessary surfaces. All three activities are performed every time your lawn is serviced and each one can be customized to fit your needs.

Lawn Mowing Kansas City

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Kansas City Lawn Mowing Process

Mowing begins by making a single outline around the perimeter of your property, or sections of your property when necessary. Following a perimeter pass parallel lines will be cut in a direction that is determined by several factors, some of which include lawn size, lawn shape, and the slope of a lawn. The direction of the lines will be rotated on a regular basis to help prevent compaction of the soil. This rotation of the cutting lines is what gives professionally maintained yards the appearance of squares or diamonds cut into the lawn. The darker and lighter shades of green that appear after mowing are from the direction the mower is traveling as it cuts. The darker green grass appears when the mower is traveling towards where you are standing and the lighter green grass appears when the mower is headed away from where you are standing. Mowing height is adjusted throughout the year to maintain optimal growing conditions for your lawn.

Trimming and Edging

Trimming and edging is performed on and around all necessary objects, including mulch beds, paved edges, and areas where a mower may not be able to reach for either aesthetic or safety reasons. When trimming around anything that does not require an edge, the lawn will be trimmed at a height to best match the height of the lawn mower and the object being trimmed around. For example, while trimming around a house the trimming height will closely resemble the height of a mower, but when trimming around a metal fence with a gap at the bottom, the trimming height may be angled down to clear the grass underneath the fence. When an edge is required the trimmer head is turned so that the trimmer string rotates vertically, as the trimmer moves down the surface, grass is cleared so that a sharp, clean edge is created. Area trimming may be performed when the lawn is too wet is certain spots, the shape of the yard prohibits a mower, or the slope of a yard prohibits a mower. When area trimming is required the height of the lawn is matched as best as possible to the height of the mower. When the spot being area trimmed is thick the height may be a bit higher due to the weaker cutting power of the trimmer compared to the mower. Trimming is an important part of our mowing service and we make sure that it is performed correctly.

Blowing of Grass Clippings

Once mowing and trimming have finished, or have finished a majority of the lawn, blowing the grass clippings from any unwanted surface begins. Clippings from the street, sidewalk and driveway, landscapes, and any other surface are blown back into the lawn. While no one wants grass clipping laying on their hard surfaces, by blowing the grass back into the yard the lawn is actually benefiting from the nitrogen and other nutrients it receives when the clippings break down into organic matter. When evenly blown out, clipping are very beneficial to the health of a lawn.

The three activities of mowing, trimming and blowing, when performed correctly will keep your lawn looking nice week after week. While mowing has the most impact when glancing at a yard, trimming and blowing are just as important. All three services working together help keep your entire yard in shape throughout the year. While this article contains our standard mowing service it is important to note that we are more than happy to work with you to customize your service. At Kansas City Lawn Care we realize that it is your lawn and ultimately you will be the one enjoying the results.

Proper Mowing Enhances the Health of Your Lawn in Kansas City

Properly mowing your lawn is the first step in maintaining healthy, green grass. Unfortunately, to the dismay of some homeowners, grass will not become healthy and weed free by simply laying down grass seed in the spring and forgetting about care for the rest of the year. This series of articles is dedicated to informing you of the proper ways to take care of a lawn throughout the year. Everything from proper mowing heights, watering schedules, fertilizer applications, and more will be discussed and how to make adjustments for the weather and changing seasons.

The most important thing that should be understood when performing lawn care is that what may be correct for the spring may not be correct for the summer, and what is correct for the summer may not be correct for the fall. Everything changes with weather conditions, and when you do not take the required steps and change with the weather, your lawn will pay the price.

While this may sound overwhelming if you follow the basics below, your lawn will thank you. If, after reading the articles you still feel overwhelmed, we would be more than happy to help you solve any problems you may have.

Kansas City Lawn Care offers professional lawn mowing services tailored to your lawn.  We want your lawn be the best looking lawn on the block.  We will cut your grass at the proper height for the time of year.

Each time we mow your lawn we trim, edge and blow off all of the grass clippings.  Our blades are sharpened everyday to give you the cleanest cut possible.

Don’t waste your precious weekend time mowing your lawn let Kansas City Lawn Care do it for you at a very reasonable price. For additional information about lawn mowing, lawn mowers, and any other related mowing information, check out or lawn mowing information page.

Mowing Patterns into your Lawn

At Kansas City Lawn Care we not only make sure that your lawn is mowed at the correct height and frequency, but we also make sure that your lawn looks good after each lawn mowing. Anyone can quickly circle around your lawn a bunch of times and leave it with a random appearance. At Kansas City Lawn Care we understand that clean looking lawn is important to most homeowners.

While the number of directional patterns can be limited by space, we make sure that your lawn is mowed in at least two different directional patterns. As long as a lawn is wide enough for two passes while mowing, darker and lighter green stripes will be made to give the lawn the freshly cut appearance.

The difference in color is due to the direction and force of the lawn mower blades. As the lawn mower travels away from a vantage point the grass folds away creating a lighter shade of green. When lawn mowing is performed towards a vantage point the lawn will appear darker in color. By moving from one side of the lawn to the other the shade of the mowed lines will switch and now the lines in the lawn that appeared lighter will now be darker. The shades of color can be installed with any device that forces the blades of grass to slant a particular way. When lawn mowing is not needed, or a special pattern is desired, a lawn roller is commonly used to adjust a lawns appearance.

Once it is understood how lawn mowing creates patterns in a lawn it is important to not rely on the same mowing direction for the entire year. While it may be faster when a lawn mowing goes back and forth in one direction, mowing perpendicular or on an angle to previous lawn mowing lines creates a better pattern and reduces the wear to the lawn.

Mowing perpendicular to already established lawn mowing lines creates a checkerboard effect. When looking out over a lawn mowed this way squares of different shades of green will appear. The squares are created by the intersecting mowing lines forcing the lawn in the same direction in every other square. Now, not only will you see two different shades of green when you stand at one point in your lawn, but the same lines will appear as you travel halfway from one side to the other. The squares will become more visible as you reach the halfway point from one set of lines to the other.

Lawn mowing at an angle to mowing lines that are already established will create multiple diamond shaped patterns in the lawn. The checkerboard effect will once again be created but the shapes will now be elongated into diamonds. Just as it was with the squares, the diamond shapes will become more apparent as you reach the halfway point between the two sets of mowed lines.

Lawn mowing on an angle is very similar to mowing perpendicular and you usually don’t want to include all of the directional lines in a lawn during the same year. Additional lines are sometimes mowed when conditions could harm the quality of the already existing lawn mowing lines. The beneficial appearance of multiple mowing lines is not the most important reason to mow a lawn in several directions.

When lawn mowing is performed in a single direction the lawn will wear at an increased rate. Continually mowing a lawn in a set direction will create ruts in the lawn. Once ruts are created the quality of the mowing will decrease. The height of the grass will be off due to the tire depressions in the soil. When a new mowing pattern is attempted after ruts develop the lawn will most likely be scalped in areas where the lawn mower traveled across and into the rut. While the easy thing to do is to continue mowing in the direction of the ruts, it should be avoided whenever possible. While the steps taken to correct ruts may take awhile to fix, as the lawn begins to even back out the appearance of the lawn will be greatly improved.

Ruts may develop even when lawn mowing takes place in several different directions. The time between the repeated mowing directions, under most circumstances, should allow the lawn to recover from the increased wear. It may be necessary to completely change mowing patterns from one growing season to the next.

While almost all Kansas City lawns have the space for multiple mowing directions it may not be best in every lawn. Multiple landscape areas or any other objects create the need for the lawn mower to turn several times. When greater than average turns are needed during lawn mowing it is sometimes best to limit the mowing to the direction with the longest navigable paths. Mowing with an objective to limit turns will reduce the wear caused by the tire of the lawn mower pivoting on the grass below. The necessary turns are not a problem on average lawn, but can cause excessive wear spots when frequent turning is required.

Under most circumstances there is no reason why a lawn in Kansas City should be mowed in only a single direction. Unplanned and misshapen lines look sloppy and add no value to the look of your property. Kansas City Lawn Care will make sure that lawn mowing adds value to your lawn by improving and maintaining its appearance and quality.