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We Make it Easy

We know that finding a lawn care company can be difficult sometimes.  When you call or e mail Kansas City Lawn Care we will either answer our phone, or get back to you in a short period of time.  


Most of the time we can give you a free estimate and cut your lawn the following day. We do our best to provide the best customer service we can. We care about each and every lawn we have.

Kansas City Lawn Care Tips

Common Grasses for a Kansas City Lawn

Bluegrass – Bluegrass is a cool temperature grass that is commonly found in the northern areas of the United States. It should be fertilized in the spring and fall, and mowed at 3 – 4 inches. Bluegrass thrives in open, sunny areas. It does well in areas with cool summers. Bluegrass will go dormant in […]

The Height of Lawn Mowing in Kansas City

Mowing your lawn at the perfect height can make it greener, but may also help reduce the amount of weeds. Many people probably would not consider the importance of mowing your lawn at a certain height with respect to the type of grass in your Kansas City lawn, or the time of the year. Nonetheless, […]

Kansas City Lawn Care Service Description

Lawn Mowing

Lawn mowing service consists of professional mowing, trimming, edging and blowing. The lawn is mowed to its recommended height, trimming is performed around all necessary objects, and grass clippings are blown off of paved surfaces. Proper lawn mowing is the keystone to a properly maintained lawn in Kansas City and we have the resources and knowledge to make sure your needs are met.  Not only will we mow your lawn in a professional manner, but you can count on us to shown up every week to cut your grass.  Kansas City Lawn Care takes pride in being extremely reliable.


Lawn Fertilization

Fertilization programs are developed to sustain the health of your lawn. Yearly lawn fertilization consists of four key applications. Two springtime applications reduce weeds, help the lawn recover from winter, and prepare the lawn for the stress of summer. An early fall or late summer application helps the lawn recover from summer damage and provides essential nutrients during the peak growth period. A late fall application contributes to root development and helps protect the lawn when overwintering.


Weed Control

Weed control programs can be customized but our basic program consists of two applications of weed spray along with two pre-emergent applications that are found within the spring fertilizations. A spring weed spray targets cool season broadleaf weeds that have already germinated. Selective applications to control nutsedge and crabgrass is then applied as the weeds develop later in the season. Different weeds germinate in different seasons under different conditions and Kansas City Lawn Care will work with you to develop the weed control program that fulfills your lawn’s needs.


Aeration and Overseeding

Aeration of a lawn is necessary when over compaction due to frequent use occurs. Our lawn aeration service covers your entire lawn and focuses on severely damaged areas with multiple passes to ensure proper aeration is achieved. Overseeding in conjunction with core aeration will provide a greater recovery and quickly fill gaps in a lawn. When overseeding is performed after aeration the grass seed will drop down into the holes to both fill empty space and germinate from a more nutrient rich starting point.


Mulch Delivery and Installation

Mulch helps protects your plants from weather extremes and provides a better environment for your plants to grow. Mulch installation is performed professionally to ensure that correct mulch levels are met to both help protect your plants and reduce the amount of labor required to maintain landscape areas. If you would like to install the mulch yourself Kansas City Lawn Care also provide mulch delivery.



Spring Cleanup

Get the lawn season started off right with a spring cleanup. Spring Cleanups can be customized to fit your needs. Kansas City Lawn Care's standard service includes removing leaves, twigs and other debris that has accumulated over the winter months from all landscaped and open areas. The lawn is cleared of all remaining debris and mowed.



Leaf Removal

Leaves that are left on the lawn for too long will cause damage to the grass. Leaf removal consists of removing fallen leaves from all lawn, landscaped, paved, and other specified areas. The leaves are then brought to the curb and vacuumed or tarped onto a truck to be dumped and turned into compost.



Hedge Trimming

Pruning and trimming shrubs helps ensure healthy growth and protects your plants from pests and diseases. Routine maintenance of your shrubs encourages a more developed and thicker plant. Our hedge trimming service maintains shrubs and hedges at appropriate times during the year and maintains a clean, healthy appearance for all necessary plants.

Seasonal Lawn Care Tips and Services

Lawn Mowing and Watering

While summer has moved on lawn care services should not be forgotten. The fall is extremely important for a healthy lawn next spring and correct cultural practices are crucial for continued health. 


While the temperatures have fallen the fall months can still be dry. It is important to monitor the the dampness of your lawn and provide extra water when rainfall is limited. Due to cooler nights and shorter days the amount of water needed in fall is lower than what would be needed in the summer under the same drought like conditions. If too much water is provided a reduction in root depth may occur which could lead to damage in the winter.


Lawn mowing height should be lowered to the middle or slightly below middle recommended height for the specific grass in your lawn. As the weather continues to cool off and winter approaches a lower height is recommended to reduce any damage that may occur from cold conditions.


Tree and Shrub Planting

Just as it is with grass, the fall is the best time of the year to plant new trees and shrubs in your lawn and landscapes. For the same reasons as a lawn, trees and shrubs need time to establish themselves and prepare for the winter. Making through winter, plants installed in the fall have the entire spring growing season to get ready for summer. 


Shrubs and trees planted in the spring must be helped along at all times throughout the summer months. Excessive amounts of water may be needed at times just to provide average growing conditions. This excess application of nutrients may lead to problems down the road.


From trees to shrubs and hedges, Kansas City Lawn Care has the resources and experience to deliver and install any woody ornamental plant of your choosing.